Iacocca Foundation

Help us find a cure for diabetes.

After diabetes took my wife, my daughters and I founded The Iacocca Foundation to fund research around finding a cure and alleviating symptoms of this heinous disease. Since its inception, we've been able to fund more than $26 million in promising research projects. Although tremendous progress has been made, many questions still exist as to the cause of diabetes and its complications. The only way to solve the mystery is through continued medical research.

As we discovered over 40 years ago, diabetes is one word, but two different diseases. The most severe form of diabetes and the focus of the foundation is Type 1 diabetes. This is insulin-dependent, autoimmune disorder in which the body does not produce insulin, the enzyme necessary for the body to metabolize sugar. Without insulin, sugar cannot move from blood into the cells, causing the blood sugar to rise above a safe level and leaving cells without the ability to function properly. It is a lifelong disease. Once diagnosed with the disease, patients with type 1 diabetes must carefully control their blood sugar levels, monitoring many times a day in addition to daily insulin injections, for the rest of their life.

Today, The Iacocca Foundation is a leader in the world's battle against diabetes. But only through the joint efforts of the government, medical community, private businesses and individuals will we be able to increase awareness and fully realize our mission of conquering diabetes once and for all.

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