Nourish The Children

A perfect example of capitalism working for the common good.

NuSkin - a Utah-based manufacturer of natural skin care products - was founded by some people who believe a business should do more than just make money. With Nourish the Children, the company has realized that vision and then some.

With the help of its nutritional supplement division, NuSkin develops nutrition dense meal packets called VitaMeal that meet all the needs of a malnourished child. Then tapping into NuSkin's extensive worldwide distribution force, Nourish the Children delivers VitaMeal packets to starving kids all over the world. With seventy million meals distributed to date, they're making incredible strides in ending child hunger. Oh, and this isn't some PR stunt either - twenty-five cents of every dollar NuSkin makes goes straight into the foundation.

In 2002, NuSkin approached me to be Chairman of this critical initiative. I'd ask you to learn more about it, and if you can, make a donation.

Blake Roney, the chairman and founder of NuSkin, once told me, 'Nourish the Children is five percent of what we do, but it's ninety-five percent of who we are. Whenever I pick up my newspaper and read another story about corporate greed, I think about Nourish the Children.'